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Plenary session

New trends in IT services in Germany - How Ukrainian outsourcing industry can benefit from it.
Christian Berner,
Managing Partner,
CBP Cross Border Projects
New trends in Ukrainian IT-service market.
Mike Sikalo,
R&D Director,
Infopulse Ukraine
Outsourcing Industry Development in Ukraine, based on Ciklum Experience.
Torben Majgaard,

Section 1 Marketing of ITO & BPO in the world market, transformations of ITO services: experience of Eastern European countries.

From outsourcing to product development. Model of successful global companies.
Vladimir Bilodid,
Director General,
United Software Corporation
Outsourcing in Hungary and Cooperation Possibilities Between Hungarian and Ukrainian Markets.
Maxim Perepelica,
Advisor of HOA Board,
Hungarian Outsourcing Association
Lithuania - Gate for Ukrainian Businesses to get through into European Union market.
Saulius Masalskis,
Chairman / Managing director,
Baltic Outsourcing Association
EDB strategy for Eastern Europe.
Jan Otto Johansen,
EDB Business Partner ASA
Key success factors for managing cross-border value chains with Ukrainian IT-Outsourcing companies.
Christian Berner,
Managing Partner,
CBP Cross Border Projects
Outsourcing: from Arbitrage to Expertise. Transformation of the Middle-Sized Multinational Company Business Model from Arbitrage on Professional Services Market to Services Based on Expertise in Investment Finance.
Mikhail Zavileysky,
CeBIT - a leading international IT Exhibition.
Aleksnder Vanidovsky,
Messe AG representative in Ukraine.

Section 2 - Development tendencies of Ukrainian Software market. Ukrainian regional Software Development centers.

Presentation of Odessa region as centre of IT services and product development.
Vadym Chernega,
VP of Operations,
Intersog Ukraine
Lviv as a regional IT outsourcing center.
Andrew Bossy,
VP of Sales,
DevCom Ltd
Specific of embedded services development in Ukraine.
Oleg Pusanov
Team Manager,
Aricent Ukraine
Ukrainian IT-Outsourcing 2.6.
History, challenges, possible strategies for the growth.
Sergiy Salenko,
Founder and CEO,
Elite Software Products (eSP)

Section 3 - Business Process Outsourcing In Ukraine.

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure operations.
Vitaly Gonchar,
IT Director,
Infopulse Ukraine
Sales outsourcing maximize your sales effectiveness.
Pavel Zhuravlev,
Branch Manager,
SellbyTel Communication Group
Ukrainian BPO market trends.
Daniil Shash,
Sales Manager,
Representative office of CJSC Intercomp

Section 4 - Development tendencies of IT outsourcing in Belarus.

The experience of associations (Infopark, AKIT, Belinfocom) in assistance to the Governmental regulatory IT-policies.
Igor Semashko,
Deputy Chief of the Board,
The Science and Technology Association Infopark, Belarus
IBA Group: Outsourcing from Europe to Europe.
Pavel Ceprasov,
Marketing and Sales Manager,
IBA Group, Belarus
Cooperation of IT-companies in projects for banking and finance industries.
Director for International Business Development,
SoftClub Ltd,Belarus

Section 5 IT professionals market in Ukraine. Education. Training. Search.

External training as a breakthrough in IT-company growth.
Vyacheslav Yakovenko,
Personality Ltd
Life cycle model in HR activity of IT company.
Victor Loskutov,
Mirasoft Group
Corporate innovative education within the framework of Student Club teaching.
Vladimir Hahanov,
Dean of Computer Engineering Faculty,
Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics
Presentation: What is the price for cost-effective placement?
Grigorenko Miroslava,
IT/Telecom Team Leader,
Internet-recruiting - the best for search IT-experts in Ukraine. Review of market IT-experts of Ukraine.
Igor Savchuk,
Head of marketing department,
RABOTA International Ltd
Recruiting and retention of IT specialists: the main reasons why IT specialists change the place of work.
Tatyana Fedotova,
Head of IT Recruiting Department,
Venbest Recruiting

Section 6 Technologies of  IT outsourcing. Toolware of Software Development. Software quality. Best practices.

Microsoft Initiatives for SW companies.
Viktor Shatokhin,
Microsoft Ukraine
Tools for developers and designers.
Dmytro Batsenko,
Microsoft Ukraine
Visual Studio Team System: organizing SW Development Life Cycle with TFS and Visual Studio.
Viktor Shatokhin,
Microsoft Ukraine
GISes in Ukraine: Ideology of using GIS in business systems.
Alla Khoroshykh,
Outlets Expansion Leading Specialist,
Art-master Ltd
Perspectives of outsourcing development and implementation of ERP systems. Successful experience of company "ComputerLand" in development and implementation of ERP systems.
Oleg Kalensky,
CEO, Computerland



Microsoft Ukraine


Cross Border Projects

Infopulse Ukraine, Ltd.


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