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Age Ukraine

Country:     Ukraine

Main activities/specialization:
Age Ukraine is experienced partner for IT services, business solutions, industry-specific applications and outsourcing. - We are able to support You with premium services for business critical IT systems; - Our business solutions provide optimum IT support for Your business processes across industries and thus provide critical competitive advantages; - We offer industry specific applications for Workflow services management, Document and Content Management supporting the business processes in an optimal way and providing true added value; - We offer You our outsourcing services of software development, customers support and business applications management.

Alexander Bornyakov  Production Manager
Gabriel De Dominicis  CEO
Dmitry Barday  PQA Manager

Alivest Software


Country:     Ukraine

Main activities/specialization:
Founded: 2002. Staff: over 70 professionals Areas of Expertise: - Web Design & Programming - Client-Server Applications - Distributed Systems - Standalone Applications - Data Processing Systems - System Tools - Multimedia Applications - Game Development We specialize in off-shore development of customized software and database-driven web-sites for a wide range of operating systems and platforms. We are proficient in planning, leading through and delivering high quality, cost-effective software solutions on time.

Alexander Dronov  Head of Business Solutions Department
Igor Sviridov  Lead Developer

EPAM Systems


Country:     Ukraine

Main activities/specialization:
EPAM Systems is a global provider of software engineering outsourcing services. In January 2006, for the second consecutive year, EPAM was named No.1 of Top 5 IT Outsourcing providers in Central and Eastern Europe on the "Global Services 100" list by CMP-Cyber Media's Global Services Magazine and neoIT. Founded in 1993, EPAM maintains North American headquarters in Lawrenceville, NJ, and European headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, as well as support and delivery operations in UK and Germany. EPAM software development centers are located in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Hungary.

Bohdan Karban  General Manager, EPAM Kyiv Development Center
Larysa Rudak  HR Manager, EPAM Kyiv Development Center

Ideal Technologies



Country:     Egypt

Main activities/specialization:
Ideal Technology is a professional Software Solution Provider with extensive experience in providing tailored software solutions for global clients. Ideal Technology was incorporated in Cairo, Egypt and is establishing a branch office in Kiev, Ukraine. Our Vision is to become a global leader in providing software solutions that help achieve our client business strategies. Our services span from software solutions to e-business & e-commerce solutions and IT consulting.

Mohamed Hussein Abdel Halim  Managing Director




Country:     USA

Main activities/specialization:
Lohika is a US-based company focused on providing high-value software development services to technology companies including Mercury Interactive, Sonic Solutions, Intalio, and Sapias. With its headquarters in the very heart of the Silicon Valley, the company has two offshore development and testing centers in Ukraine currently employing about 300 highly skilled engineers. For every project, Lohika puts in place a long-term dedicated customer team which thoroughly learns the customers products and delivers innovative solutions over time. Lohikas customers recognize and leverage company for its core competency in remote software product development. As a software development partner for technology companies Lohika has developed a comprehensive process that combines our offshore engineering capabilities with our requirements definition and remote project management expertise.

Andrey Hankevych  Subsidiary President & General Manager (Ukraine), Chief Technology Officer, EVP of Engineering (USA)
Roman Burda  Engineering Manager
Borys Pukalyak  Engineering Manager

Logrus International



Country:     USA

Main activities/specialization:
Logrus is offering a full set of multilingual localization and translation services for various industries, and top-notch software engineering and testing for all languages, including BiDi and double-byte ones. The company is proud of its unique problem-solving skills and minimal support requirements. The company offers all European and Asian as well as many rare languages through its offices and established, long-term partners. With its production sites in Moscow, Russia and Kyiv, Ukraine, Logrus provides a winning combination of quality, experience and affordability. During its 13+ years in business the company has received multiple awards for excellence in various areas of localization from its long-time customers, including IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, and others.

Moiseev Andrey  Executive Director, Kyiv, Ukraine
Taranova Anna  Senior Editor, Kyiv, Ukraine

Softheme LLC

Country:     Ukraine

Main activities/specialization:
* Custom-built software * Re-engineering * Migration/Porting * Software testing and QA * Software support and maintenance * Software applications integration

Ilona Postemska  Marketing Director



Microsoft Ukraine


Cross Border Projects

Infopulse Ukraine, Ltd.


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