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Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2006 Video Presentation. Short version.
Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum `2006 Video Presentation. Full version.
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Software Development
Software Testing&QA
Hardware Design
Business Process Outsourcing
Offshore Staffing

Intel CIS: Research and Development.
Stephen Chase,
Intel Russia.
Ukrainian software development ecosystem. Microsoft software for the developers.
Oleksandr Oriekhov,
Head of Department for communication with software developers,
Microsoft Ukraine
Development of global IT business in CIS. Luxoft success story. Luxoft projects in Ukraine.
Dmitry Loschinin,
Presidents and CEO,

 1 Global IT market trends. Outsourcing services marketing in the global market.

Innovation Process Management in Software Development,
Karl H. Zaininger,
Global Technology Partnerships,
Vsevolod A. Onyshkevych,
Executive Vice President
Raritan Computer Inc.
Selling Outsourced Development Services in the US.
Natalia Riabokon,
Vice President Sales Marketing in the USA,
Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative
Successful business models in IT outsourcing does Ukraine have a chance?
Allan Martinson,
Managing Partner,
Martinson Trigon Venture Partners
"Managed Desktop Infrastructure Services: Made in Ukraine".
Christian Berner,
Managing Partner,
CBP Cross Border Projects
How to market outsourcing services successfully, to the Scandinavian market?
Helge Ranvik,
Scandinavian HOUSE
Global prospects of IT outsourcing,
Matt Moore,
Principal, CEO and co-founder,
Team Information Services company (Florida, USA)

Outsourcing Market in Germany,
Natasha Starkell ,
Founder and CEO,

What makes a good location,
Mr. Romek Lubaczewski,
SSC Leading Director, General Manager of PwCs Krakow Centre, PricewaterhouseCoopers Poland

Software innovations - the future of Ukrainian software Industry,
Ian Tsybulkin,
General Director,
KM Soft/Kvazar Micro

 2 - IT business development in Ukraine. Outsourcing technology and infrastructure

InvisibleCRM. Product programming in Ukraine: success story.
Vlad Voskresensky,
InvisibleCRM Inc.

Technology tools development niche in outsourcing,
Victor Loskutov,
MiraSoft Group

Subcontract outsourcing. Ciklum partnership network.
Mikhail Kvartyuk,
Sales coordinator,
Yuriy Freedman,
Technical director

Possibilities of attracting Silicon Valley investments into Ukrainian IT companies.
Denis Dovgopolyi,
Managing Director,
Center for Innovations Development VC firm TECHINVEST
CeBIT - a leading international IT Exhibition.
Aleksnder Vanidovsky,
Messe AG representative in Ukraine
Its not crazy to outsource to Ukraine
Dana Chervinska,
Marketing Manger
Softjourn, Inc., USA

3 - Regional centers of software development in Ukraine. Regional trends.

Odessa Ukrainian center of Software Products development.
Grigoriy Zhukov,
CS Odessa
Presentation of the Kiev region software development.
Karl Robb
President, EPAM Systems Europe, Executive Vice-President,
EPAM Systems Group
Presentation of Lviv region software development.
Andrey Hankevych,
Subsidiary President General Manager (Ukraine)
Chief Technology Officer, EVP of Engineering (USA)
Outsourcing Software Development in Dnepropetrovsk Region: Customer-driven Model
Egor Bougaenko
Technopark Corp.
Market analysis of Ukrainian IT-services and products export. Kharkov region specifics.
Sergey Salenko
Executive Director,
eSP Consortium
Presentation of Donetsk region software development.
Yuriy Ladyzhenskiy,
Prospero Systems

 4 - Human resources for Ukrainian IT industry. Ukrainian market of IT professionals. Training of IT personnel

La Giaconda programmers. Industry aspects in people development.
Dr. Denis S. Milov,
Business director,
New approaches in personnel developing for Ukrainian industry of Software Development
Kabala Irina Victorovna
Training centre "Academy IT"
Microsoft Àcademic programs.
Oleksandr Oriekhov,
Head of Department for communication with software developers,
Microsoft Ukraine
Association of IT professionals as an instrument of IÒ-community development"
Simon Moldavskiy,
Executive director
Motivate or lose: financial and non-financial aspects of incentives system for IT personnel,
Nataliya Makaruk,
Business Development Director
IT Personnel recruiting agency
Labour market and peculiarities of IT-personnel searching
Tatyana Topchiy,
Public Relations manager

 5 Outsourcing of software independent testing services. Ukrainian testing development trends.

Testing department processes organization and monitoring. Creation and maintenance of personnel necessary expertise.
Rostislav Boruk
Subject: Successful experience of Infopulse Ukraine in software validation according to the requirements of GAMP.
Yuriy Vykhovanskyy,
QA Team Leader
Infopulse Ukraine
QArea Group business experience in Ukrainian independent testing,
Eugene Kovalik,
Marketing Department Director,

 6 Embedded/Firmware programming and Hardware Design in Ukraine.

Outsourcing Hardware Verification to Ukraine: Hard Work Ahead
Gennady Serdyuk,
Desna Systems, Inc.
Development of telecommunication hardware-software systems.
Rostislav Bosenko,
Aleksandr Ovcharuk,
Technical Director
Alfa Resources
Software development for Multi-Core
Alexander Chipizhko,
EMEA Tool TCE Manager
Intel Russia
Hardware Design Expirience in Pulsar Ltd
Maxim Bondarenko
Head of Hardware Design Department
Pulsar Ltd
Design and testing of digital systems with the use of crystals.
Vladimir Hahanov,
Dean of Computer Engineering Faculty,
Kharkov National University of Radioelectronic
Development of Firmware technology promotion of patented IP-core solutions promotion in the foreign markets the most efficient way of increasing investment attraction of Ukrainian Hardware Design companies.
Sergey Dubrovskiy,
Vice-Chief of the Board
Technocom-AT CJSC



Microsoft Ukraine


Cross Border Projects

Infopulse Ukraine, Ltd.


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