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State Department of Communication and Informatization is a governmental body subordinate to the Ministry of Transportation and Communication. Main objectives of the State Department of Communication and Informatization are: participation in the state policy implementation in the areas of telecommunication, informatization, and utilization of radio frequency resources in Ukraine, provision of postal services; carrying out public administration in the spheres of telecommunication, informatization, utilization of radio frequency resources in Ukraine, and provision of postal services; summarizing practical application and drafting proposals on improvement of legislation within its competence; drawing up legislative instruments and controlling their implementation; development and carrying out programs enhancing public telecommunication and postal services networks, increasing their quality, availability and ensuring their permanent functioning; participation in forming national informatization program and ensuring its implementation; rendering assistance in development of competitive business undertakings in the spheres of telecommunication, informatization, utilization of radio frequency resources in Ukraine, and provision of postal services; carrying out state investment and antimonopoly policies in these spheres; creation of proper conditions for integration of telecommunication, informatization, radio frequency resources utilization and postal services into European and Global information sphere.


The Ukrainian Association of Software Developers (UASWD) is an international public organization meant to create conditions for progressive growth of software development industry in Ukraine. To achieve this goal, UASWD is moving forward legislative and other programs aimed at improving technology and securing market growth for its members and for Ukrainian industry as a whole. It is also boosting economic growth and increase of the number of work places.

Belarusian Association of IT Developers  "Infopark", Belarus.
Association objectives – promotion of Belarusian IT development industry, especially of software development; improvement of legal, economic and social conditions for software development and export of modern information technology as well as prevention of resources flow-out. More than 40 legal entities with different types of ownership are members of this Association. Among them there are companies with foreign investment and foreign legal entities specializing in development and exporting information technology, including software. According to experts’ estimations Association of IT Developers “Infopark” unites more than 60% of all Belarusian software developers.

Alliance of Software Developers Silicon Taiga, Russia.
The Alliance is aimed at enhancing development of Russian outsourcing market and its integration into the world software development industry. The Alliance Silicon Taiga acts in the interests of its members and of the offshore development branch on the whole.  The Alliance of Software Developers Silicon Taiga is one of the largest associations of software developers in Russia. In addition to Russian software development companies and scientific research centers, several development companies from Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are also members of this alliance. 


«MEDIANEC» was founded in 2001 as a company within “MEDIATECH” holding and is now a leading system integrator in the sphere of information display. We lease out multimedia equipment of world-famous producers - NEC and Christie, and officially represent them in Ukraine. Main categories of offered equipment are: multimedia projectors; plasma panel displays; light-emitting diode displays; projection screens; acoustic systems. Our company can provide professional services in supplying your events with high quality equipment.


American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine is the largest, the most active and efficient nongovernmental non-profit business organization operating in Ukraine. One of our main goals is to protect interests of international investment community and enhance conditions for smoother access of new potential investors to the Ukrainian market. We communicate interests of our members not only to the Ukrainian government but also to the governments of the countries which have partner relationship with Ukraine in international trade and economic reforms. Members of American Chamber of Commerce represent large companies making major direct investments into Ukraine. The Chamber unites companies from different regions and countries including North America, Europe, Asia and Ukraine. Together, they employ hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians providing them with an opportunity to join to the world business practice, develop into the leading Ukrainian professionals, and introduce world business achievements and knowledge to the Ukrainian market. - Ukrainian IT-career network - job search and recruiting web-site for IT-professionals. provides:
- specialized vacancies and resumes database with detailed IT-jobs classification;
- regularly updated news and events in IT and HR in Ukraine;
- special offers for employers and recruiting agencies.


A brunch information channel. This is the project for testing and quality assurance engineers, department leaders and project managers.
We create an open knowledge database for the areas of "Software testing" and "SSI quality" , publish testing news, press releases of the industry players, articles and feature series on testing and quality, compile reviews of available tools and solutions. We also have a forum and mail broadcasting, provide space for works of authorship, issue a professional edition and build a community of specialists in the area.


Channel Partner Ukraine – first Ukrainian information and telecommunication edition for the “vendor – distributor – reseller – salesman” chain.  It is issued with assistance of VNU - British media-information concern – and is dedicated to all problems related to the product movement from producer to consumer. The edition advises the audience on different aspects of services and products sales, logistics, merchandising, development and supporting affiliated chains, marketing, loyalty, customer relations management and cash flow management.

Telecom. Communications and Networks. Corporate Solutions Practice. The edition provides fundamental analysis of technological, organizational, political and economic aspects of development and implementing software solutions for medium and large businesses. Beginning with July 2005, on a regular basis this journal published the most interesting and actual materials of editions widely known in business and computer circles around the world, such as «Information Week», «Network Magazine», etc. These editions are united into online information resources: «TechWeb» and «Networking Pipeline».
Computers and communications. For those ahead of time.  For 11 years now CHIP is confidently leading the market of computer media resources. It is issued monthly in two versions: on a traditional CHIP-CD in 23 000 copies and on a CHIP-DVD in 12 000 copies offering totally new electronic service. Thanks to extensive interactive product catalogues, unique guides and manuals for modern digital equipment, CHIP-DVD allows easy and fast understanding of modern digital devices, such as photo cameras, laptops, pocket PC’s, mobile phones, etc. CHIP’s audience of more than 400 000 people secures this publication a strong top position in the ratings of monthly business and special-purpose media.


BUSINESS – “Blitz-Inform” publishing house is honored to call your attention to the BUSINESS newspaper. Main purpose of our bourgeois edition is to present the audience useful information about entrepreneurship in all its forms. During 13 years BUSINESS is the favorite newspaper of Ukrainian business elite. All these years BUSINESS in not just keeping abreast of the time, but rather forms this time. Helping new bourgeois society class – the country  creators – to find themselves and recover their feet, BUSINESS analyses political and economic events, presents peculiarities and prospects of different markets, offers efficient managements techniques and touches many other issues. These days the edition is an informational and analytical supermarket where both successful and prosperous bourgeois and ambitious entrepreneurs can easily find the reading for the week. Main criteria for the selection of the facts for release are reliability, self-descriptiveness, conciseness, objectivity, usefulness and timeliness.


 - is a first-rate Ukrainian job server. More than 4500 new vacancies and about 200 CV’s are published on the server. Every day more than 15 thousand visitors from all regions of Ukraine study information posted here. The server counts 60 thousand visitors per week. More than 35 thousand users receive new vacancies and resumes by mail on a daily basis. Training and workshops announcements are mailed to more than 18 thousand people. Our server is the largest advertiser in Ukrainian internet segment. is the General Information Sponsor for HR- forums, HR-conferences, job fairs, etc.


"Computer Review" weekly.
For eleven years "Computer Review" is setting pace for the information technology market in Ukraine! Reviews and results of software and hardware testing help our audience to familiarize themselves with computer market news. Business analytics presented for the reader is a great support in the activity of all business people, whether it is an average manager or the business owner. The weekly is recognized not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. It publishes live commentaries from all key events of the IT world. The journal’s opinions serve as the guideline for the developers beyond the borders of our country.  
" Computer Review " is the best journal for the advanced users and professionals in the area of information technology!





Corporate systems — is the only edition in Ukraine for the business owners, making strategic decisions to implement enterprise systems in financial institutions, commercial organizations, production enterprises. Main objectives of the edition are to inform the mangers about the specifics, problems and solutions of the issues related to enterprise management and resource planning automation by sharing authentic experience of their colleagues and leading experts; to create a virtual club for communication between the business owners and well known professionals where they can exchange their opinions directly.

Info-analytical weekly, an indispensable tool for the managers of IT companies and IT departments striving for the business optimization. Issued since 1994.  

"IT-Manager" is a professional-oriented specialized edition. Chiefs of any company IT-departments (CIOs) have to be aware of the issues discussed in the edition in order to structure their work in a most efficient way. The target audience includes IT-managers and top executives - the people which form the successful ideology and strategy of the enterprise all-round automation and its information systems development, combining overall understanding of the business and knowledge of IT.

Site provides ultimate place where programmers from around the country and aboard can communicate with each other.  Two unique projects, “Salary Database” and “Company Database” help to get on top of fast-changing landscape of the Ukrainian software development industry. There is a blog which covers Ukraine-specific news and events as well as generic topics interesting to developers.

INTERNET PARTNERS is a thematic project about information and telecommunication technology. The project publications provide a wide overview of industry issues, including economic results of the companies’ activity, personnel appointments, technology news, legal and state regulations, etc. News section publishes complete information about Ukrainian IT market. Analytical articles and reviews with estimations and predictions are classified depending on the industry segment. A separate section is a digest of the Ukrainian mass media. A special feature offers a search of information on Internet users by domain names or IP address. All-round approach to research issues, variety of information and services in a single resource are interesting both for the active players of Ukrainian IT and telecommunication market and for the usual customers. – is an information portal offering IT world events update. All publications are divided by categories according to the subject matter and can be exported with the help of RSS-fead. This portal can also provide users with a number of additional services: free email, SMS service, blog, mobile content, job search, business contacts search, events announcements posting, the largest catalogue of Ukrainian Wi-Fi hostposts. The portal audience is rapidly growing. At the moment it counts 80 000 visitors a month.


BROADCASTING.COM.UA - project of the «Pica Pica» PR Agency (lat. magpie) offers fast and comprehensive broadcasting of Ukrainian events worldwide though Internet reportage service. BROADCASTING covers your events providing content information, latest news, interviews, background information, high quality photos and ready editor reviews. BROADCASTING publication materials are widely used by leading Ukrainian and foreign media resources.











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